These cards have square corners instead of the rounded off ones. They are sturdier and not as flimsy as others. The most rare card of this set is the 22k gold memorial card which only 1000 were made.

The ones I like the most are actually the five checklist which could only be obtained if you got the foil packs. I actually have never bought any packs but bought them seperately and in lots.

My gold card has never been taken out of its protective sleeve and since my scanner wasn't picking up the image good I took pics with my digicam. You can also see the paper congratulating you on getting the gold card.
You won't believe this but I won this auction on yahoo japan for only $65!!! Talk about a good price!!

On this page you can view my Gold card,checklists and the prisms to view the regular cards please visit this link:

5th Anniversary Memorial Regular Set

Checklist #1
Checklist #2
Checklist #3
Checklist #4
Checklist #5