Hello and welcome to my page!! I Love to collect anime trading cards especially those of sailor moon!! As you can tell my favorite character is Sailor Mars and hence my name FieryRei.

I have a big announcement...from now on I will no longer be selling or trading from this site!!! From now on all my selling will be done on ebay.

This site will be my collection site featuring scans of my cards, shitajiki, clear files, teleka and etc etc....

Lots and lots of scans are on the way and be on the look out for a new website design. I really have been wanting to change my menu bar and make it easier for you guys to save webpages. So expect changes coming up.

September 10, 2013
Things came up and have been unable to be here and update it. Still planning to revamp this whole site.

July 07,2012
With the news of the new anime series coming out for summer 2013 it has made me want to work on my site once again. Lots of new changes coming up and a new design.

Updated Sailor Moon PPUpdated

Updated Sailor Moon 5th Anniversary Updated

May 16, 2011
Whoa O.O Haven't been on here in so long, and theres so much to update >.< Will get to it someday!

October 15,2009
Yes I know I haven't updated this site in ages and it needs a major overhaul!! I've just been busy with life but this site is not dead I will be back and do a major site update!

December 8, 2008
No this site is not dead!!! I just haven't had the time to update it and stuff I have loads of stuff ready to be uploaded but I just don't have much time for online. I love this site I just need time!
As already mentioned on top I will no longer be selling or trading cards on this site. From now on all my extras will be sold on ebay. This site will become my collection site with tons of scans ^_^
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